Fabiano Cangelosi provides the following services to clients from all walks of life and backgrounds:



Criminal defence matters

1. Advising generally on the criminal justice process, as well as matters such as the strength of a prosecution case, desirable pre-trial steps such as preliminary proceedings and stay applications, and likely penalty in the event of a plea of guilty or a finding of guilt;

2. Appearing in court for all kinds of appearances, from brief, formal appearances, to out-of-hours bail applications, and trials and appeals; and

3. Managing issues relating to reporting and defamation that occasionally arise in the course of proceedings.

Civil matters

1. Advising on the civil litigation process, as well as matters such as the availability of a cause of action, available defences, quantum of damages and other

remedies, the desirability of a pre-trial steps such as interim injunctions, interrogatories, discovery from non-parties, and Calderbank offers and offers of compromise; and

2. Appearing in court for all kinds of appearances from formal directions hearings to trials and appeals.

"Mr Cangelosi observing the Crown's evidence-in-chief", Tasmania v JPE (21 November 2013), by Dan Villiers.

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