Fabiano Cangelosi's cases are sometimes reported in Law Reports.  Matters that Fabiano has been involved in are:

Szabo v Moore [2018] TASSC 31, a case concerning the duties of magistrates in hearing cases involving unrepresented defendants, as well as the drawing of factual conclusions that were not available on the evidence;

Sutcliffe v Brown [2017] TASSC 51,  a case concerning a manifestly excessive sentence imposed on a youthful offender;

Flanagan v Humana Pty Ltd [2017] TASSC 50, an appeal from the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal which turned on the need of a causal nexus between the existence of the prescribed attribute of the complainant and the behaviour for which he had allegedly been treated unfavourably;

D Leitch v Glenorchy City Council [2017] TASRMPAT 3, a case concerning the correct classification of a dwelling under the National Construction Code and the consequential validity of a building order issued under the Building Act 2000;

Harvey & the Tasmanian Greens v Hobart City Council [2016] TASADT 1, a case concerning a restriction on electoral signage, and the sufficiency of evidence in order to make out a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act (Tas) 1988;

Arnesto v Hickman [2016] TASSC 26, a case about the right to remain silent under police questioning, which limits the circumstances in which police can compel a person to give his or her name and address;

Garcie v Lusted [2014] TASSC 27, a case affirming that gaol is the last resort in the case of a young person without relevant prior convictions; and

Groenewege v Tasmania [2013] TASCCA 7, a case concerning the mitigatory effect of mental illness in sentencing for the crime of arson.

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